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Glad to be part of another year of sponsorship especially for #smux and giving back to a community that had given me such wonderful memories of joy and fun, when I first laid steps into my SMU life, back in my freshmen days.

Though many lifestyles and processes have changed significantly over the years, I’m glad that the essence of what #smux is all about has never changed; It’s not about how you look or who you have been… But it’s about the feeling of #family of SMUX, that brings us all back together as one. 馃槈

Despite the ‘heavier’ challenges of carrying our photography equipment around, doing all the extreme sports together with everyone, throughout the 3D3N camp, I had myself a great time getting to know and welcome some new friends into the SMUX family and hope that every one of you would have enjoyed my company as well as the photos that we have captured throughout our little journey!

To many more memories together ahead of us! Do drop by a “Hi” when you see me around in school and let’s have a chat. It would be nice to chat up with every one of you from SMU! Cheers! 馃槈



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