Print // Apparel // starringSMU’10 // Participants’ Tee 2010

Design Brief

StarringSMU鈥10聽engaged our services in 2010 to help them design a new apparel series that will primarily be simple enough to fit their budget, as well as diverse enough, to help categorise their event participants.

One of their primary design requirements, also included the need to befit a sense of 鈥cuteness鈥, as well as 鈥normality鈥, where instead of the typical 鈥corporate-brand-focused鈥 design apparel, the design could easily blend into a casual setting, so that participants could聽eventually use the attire in their everyday lives.

First off, we based our boundaries along a 1-colour front, 1-colour back design, which fulfils the budget constraints of the client. Secondly, we also devised a set of 7-vibrant dri-fit attire colours, where we had to constantly source and approved from various vendors, before finally settling with a good range of聽vibrant-yet-dark, as well as聽exciting-yet-distinctive聽colour range that spread like the colours of the rainbow. This was then in line with the diversity spread requirement that was also set by the client.

We then moved on with our design phase where we take remnants of the various 10-day event series hosted by the聽starringSMU鈥10聽branding and attempted to collate them all together as one. This being a notion to give the respective attendee-owner of the apparel, an anchor design to help them remember the great moments they would have spent, at the various junctures of the 10-days of events together with聽starringSMU鈥10.

Lastly, we sought to also blend the overall design altogether with the design of a 鈥Star鈥 at its core, to subtly echo the branding of 鈥starring-SMU鈥 and thus summing up all the various sub-brand designs as one core.

We were glad that at the end of the day, the final print of the full set of 7-shirts came out very well. Being also invited to one of the sub-events to support our client, we were also overjoyed to see the vibrant colours of the apparel aiding to brighten up the event as it went along the spread of 10-days for the聽starringSMU鈥10聽journey. It was just plain聽Awesome!

Design Concept

Client & Medium

SMU starringSMU 2010 EXCO

Shirt Prints. Dry-Fit. Round-Neck. 1C Front. 1C Back. Total 880 prints across a 7-coloured shirt spread.


  • Concept design
  • Layering of Multi-Sub-Brand Designs
  • Branding & Storyline
  • Color Scheme & Print Layout


  • Vibrant
  • Simple
  • Youthful
  • Energetic
  • Cute
Design Preview
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Design is not a single object or dimension. Design is messy and complex.

— Natasha Jen, Designer & Educator
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