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Design Brief

We were approached by The Bucketlist Club (Singapore) to help them design a basic poster for their upcoming event “Leap Of Dreams“, where the event organizers will be attempting a local record-breaking attempt for the “Most Number Of Reverse Bungee Jumps Done In A Day” under the Singapore Book Of Records.

As the full-day event will revolve around an open invite to the public to join in the publicly-open event, the client requested a design that can send out an immediate message and potentially invoke a feeling that may encourage the open pubic to readily join in the event feat.

Ultimately, while aligning with the event tagline of ‘Leap of Dreams‘, we envisioned an identity that every common person may have once personally experienced before or may have the intention of experiencing. That then led us to bring together a set of images where we select to better connect with our immediate collateral viewership, which mainly included the innocence of a child having fun.

The final image is chosen and made the hallmark of the core of our design had embodied the vision that we had of both the tagline and derive an immediate, innate connection to our collateral’s general audience.

Design Concept

Client & Medium

The Bucketlist Club (Singapore)

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  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Copywriting


  • Simple
  • Direct
  • Impactful
Design Preview

It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.

— Paula Scher, Graphic Designer & Painter
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