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It has been quite a long while since I’ve last skated with my#canon DSLR… But more importantly, it is nice still feeling the warmth from the lovely #smux #skating family as we got back on our skates and gather together with other friends from other institutions and professions for this #smux #skateclinic night!

New faces and old faces I’ve had the privilege of meeting this very lovely night as we joined together in ‘camp style’ to have a simple dinner altogether, and laughed and joked as we always do like a new SMUX family. Though many years and different batches have passed, it is nice to still get that friendlier feeling when we joined just to skate and just chill out the way life should be enjoyed!

Hope you all had fun! Chill out and catch up real soon! 馃槈 -#robertchai #roberryarts #roberryartsstudios#capturefusephotography #events #eventphotography #smu#sgsmu #smux #smuxtremists #skating #singapore #sg#extreme #adventures #skateclinic



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