Interactive // UX-UI // SingHealth IVF // Mobile App Revamp 2015

Design Brief

KK Women鈥檚 and Children鈥檚 Hospital (KKH) came to us with a project that required a major visual revamp as the managerial team realized that the backbone content was well prepared, but there wasn鈥檛 any pre-consideration for the User Interface (UI) design until they were close to near-launch of their mobile application product.

Given the slight miscalculation, the SingHealth IVF App had to be slightly delayed and we also attempted to work within their schedule confines and create something that was workable for their budget, as well as the considerably smaller scope of the project.

Nonetheless, subsequent decisions that were made on both the managerial team, as well as LABELHOUSECREATIVES has indeed further shifted the project thereafter. However, we do believe the final outcome was indeed a much better choice as compared before during pre-discussions.

Overall, the final output came after a better integration with the content and design teams to further negotiate the leverages each side needs to take, to further simplify the considerably complex pre-phased app. The stalemate between content and locally available images that were allocated for this very niche sector was thankfully resolved after tapping on various authorities to verify, summarise, and provide for the much-needed insufficiencies.

In conclusion, we finalized our material as an overall templating design system that will help to boost the User Interface (UI) design to some extent, given that most of the clients鈥 content has been considered strictly necessary. Additional visuals were also pre-fabricated to suit to the content and help complete the overall mobile app as a whole.

We were glad that at the end of the day, the client was very happy with the overall revamp despite the iteration delay and we subsequently launched the app on both the Apple App Store and Android App Store in 2015.

Design Concept

Client & Medium

SingHealth | KK Women鈥檚 and Children鈥檚 Hospital (KKH)

Mobile Phone User Interface (UI) Design Revamp. For iOS and Android.


  • Concept Design
  • Presentation Animation Flow
  • Interactive Storytelling


  • Formal
  • Professional
  • Informative
  • Clear
  • Direct
Design Preview
Make it simple, but significant.Don Draper, Fictional Character on Mad Men
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