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Design Brief

Having a unique foresight in the business market, International&Co. is a young team of six individuals who have origins from all across Europe and the Asia region. Once a team that had no accolades to their name, the small team has since jumped threefold in their intake, given a few successful market analytical reports that landed them with major deals with big names.

One of such stories that brought the initial fame to this young marketing advisory outfit was their prediction in 2011 that 鈥楽potify鈥, the online P2P streaming music service would expand its market from Europe to whole of Asia region. The reality actually happened just one and a half years later, a move that significantly disrupted the music market in Asia from early 2013.

With a steadily-growing clientele under their belt, International&Co. approached us at the end of 2011 to help them rebrand their brand identity, as they needed a more professional and trust image than the one they had originally created.

At this point of time, we strongly believe in the design concept of simplicity. Coupled with some slight changes in the varying thickness we used for the typeface design of the characters for the whole name, we eventually came up with a basic-black one-tone brand image, which helped to display a level of exquisiteness as well as professionalism for the brand.

Design Concept

Client & Medium


Digital Brand Identity.


  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Color Blending


  • Professional
  • Formal
  • Trusted
  • Simple
It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.Paula Scher, Graphic Designer & Painter
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