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Design Brief

鈥楾3. FiveFusion鈥 was a pretty interesting company brand of whom came to our doorstep for our brand re-designing services.

In fact, we were so curious that we had to ask them how did this name actually come about. And so, we were told about the story where the team had originally been codenamed 鈥Team 3鈥 under the watchful wing of its two founding members. But the nickname was eventually converted to 鈥T3 . FiveFusion鈥, to maintain the historical origins of the brand, as well as marry the newly-found team fusion between the renewing partnership of its current five co-founders.

Being a technology startup that handles custom backend middleware analytics for enterprise-level projects, the company wanted a design identity that can represent the quirkiness of the youthful, hip yet professional team of team鈥檚 developers.

As there was a sort of ironic-conflict between creating a design that was professional yet hip at the same time, we tried our hardest through a few variations of design iterations and thankfully managed to work out a bubbly design that was agreeable with the team in due process.

Design Concept

Client & Medium

T3 . FiveFusion

Digital Brand Identity.


  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Color Blending


  • Hip
  • Trendy
  • Energetic
  • Exciting
There are three responses to a piece of design 鈥 yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.Milton Glaser
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