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Design Brief

APERTURE came to us seeking out a revised brand image that can be more simplified and professional-looking. A strengthened focus on the concept of having an ‘eye-for-detail‘ in their work process, was essential in their request, which gave us a point-of-direction to work on, as we started our design process going forward.

Provided with the accompanying tagline of ‘Visualising Potential‘, it took us a little while to hone in a few very specific design controls and visual cues that can convey the brand’s image and intent, within a visible object.

Our lengthened thought process eventually led us to the use of the ‘aperture‘ of a camera lens, though despite the slight irony that comes with the client’s actual brand name, we do emphasize that in reality, this design object fully meets all of the client’s requirements.

Lastly, we tweaked segments of a pre-designed sketch, to eventually morphed into part of the overall identity brand, yet it could be taken apart separately and be used as a notable brand icon image.

Design Concept

Client & Medium


Digital Brand Identity.


  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Color Blending


  • Professional
  • Simple
  • Elegant

Design is intelligence made visible.

— Alina Wheeler
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