Digital // Identity // Human Rights // Logo Competition 2011

Design Brief

One of the very first competitive works we have embarked on, the Human Rights Logo Competition 2011 was a new foray for us, in an attempt to put our design skills on a global scale.

We took up the design challenge as it seemed like we are putting our skills and time up for a good cause. The story behind the global human rights matter had been something of growing concern, and we believed strongly that the cause was worthy and meaningful for us as a whole.

Based on the design criteria set by the organizers, there was basically no restrictions to what medium or design direction that designers may attempt at their own version of the concept, but simplicity and ease of understanding is key to fulfilling their primary search criteria.

After much brainstorming and visual sketches of an idea, we finalized an entry that we themed 鈥Vision Of Freedom鈥.

The idea revolved around an idea where we foresee that the human rights matter has been an oversight matter over the many years of conflict that has led to a similar situation it has faced globally up to 2011. Based on that, we believed that having an icon that portrayed the importance of 鈥榮eeing-the-joyous-of-man鈥, in celebrations of the triumphant of war against human rights oppressions, would be a winning option for the desired design idea.

Eventually, though our design did not get into any of the top finalists, where the top winner got a vote of closer to 120+, we were quite happy that ours had gotten at least a good 15 votes on the global scale!

Design Concept

Client & Medium

Human Rights Logo Competition 2011

Digital Brand Identity.


  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Color Blending


  • Youthful
  • Energetic
  • Meaningful
  • Visual
  • Clear
  • Simple
It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.Paula Scher, Graphic Designer & Painter
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