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Design Brief

Unexpectedly, it has already been 8-years since our ROBERRYARTS STUDIOS brand was founded way back in 2012!

We have since explored and ventured into various mediums and new family subsidiaries across the years, in order to curate our various portfolios of work to suit the different clientele bases who have been loyal to our brands over the years.

Despite having done great work with our various clients across the years under our subsidiary umbrella brands namely, (1) CAPTUREFUSE PHOTOGRAPHY, (2) MATCHMADESTORIES, and (3) LABELHOUSECREATIVES, we have finally decided to consolidate and merge all our content under one roof in November 2020. Notably, ss CoVid-19 has loomed across 2020 and has affected many companies and business alike, we hope that this brand re-alignment will help bring new vibes and more exciting collaborations moving forward!

In line with the move, we took roughly 1-month of planning and another 2-3 months of execution since July 2020, to rebuild our primary website ROBERRYARTS STUDIOS from the ground up, pinned it up with a refreshed and more specious look, as well as to integrate the various content media from the various sub-brands, under a now bigger ROBERRYARTS Family!

We are pretty happy with the final results and can’t wait to work on more exciting client projects and bring forth to you in the near future!

To all who have supported us since our humble beginnings, we want to say a big THANK YOU!

We look forward to serving you better in the near future together! Meanwhile, Stay Safe Everyone! 馃槈

Design Concept

Client & Medium


Website. Consolidation & Merger of Content. Customised CMS WordPress Setup with Curated Plugins. Management of Domain Name, Nameservers & Web Hosting Settings. Curated Content Selection.


  • Concept Design
  • Presentation Animation Flow
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Content Consolidation & Merger
  • Brand Re-Alignment


  • Professional
  • Clean
  • Visually-Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Fresh
  • Spacious
  • Brand-Aligned
Design Preview
Design Concept
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Design adds value faster than it adds costs.Joel Spolsky, Web programmer, Writer & Creator of Trello
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