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Design Brief

It has been a challenging feat for us at LABELHOUSECREATIVES, to recreate our own content, layout, and notably, our online website presence, as we constantly seek to improve our work constantly 鈥 A workflow that may prevent us from ever-delivering our work as we always believe a better work is always a 鈥Work In Progress鈥.

Needless to say and admit, we hadn鈥檛 had the time nor opportunity to update our visual works and content over the years to our very own website, a design original that had only been once updated at its inception in 2013, and our focus was mainly shifting between the varying works for our clients.

Thankfully, we got our matters sorted and finally got it in line for a full revamp in July 2017, to a much-improved user experience and user interface design that we are now more proud to be a part of!.

With varying experiences spread across the years to help build web portfolios for our clients, we were just too eager to implement the key features that will also help add an image boost to the current update of the portfolio.

The key design aspects that we have also implemented, included a heavier application of whitespace in the display of our work, larger ratio aspects of content display for appropriate collaterals that were completed, as well as some deeper integration of parallax, flows within the slider designs, to invoke interest and interaction with our website.

New features have also been rolling up to the website from time-to-time since 2013 to date, to it abreast of new photography content and website structural updates. The website has now officially undergone 2 major design revamps since its inception.

Design Concept

Client & Medium


Website. Customised CMS WordPress Setup with Curated Plugins. Management of Domain Name, Nameservers & Web Hosting Settings. Curated Content Selection.


  • Concept Design
  • Presentation Animation Flow
  • Interactive Storytelling


  • Professional
  • Commercial
  • Vibrant
  • Focused
  • Simple
  • Clean
Design Preview
Design Concept
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Website Has Discontinued & Merged Under ROBERRYARTS CREATIVES in Nov 2020
Design is a formal response to a strategic question.Mariona Lopez, Business Owner
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