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Design Brief

Looking for the simplest of design solutions, Mr. Robert Chai from MATCHMADESTORIES worked together with us to help build his brand website and further encapsulate his vision of capturing beautiful love stories.

Despite wanting the website to be clean, spacious and simple, Robert also requested to have a Content-Management-System built-in, as he wants to continually update and maintain new MatchMadeStories into the website’s repertoire, as the brand matures in due time.

Given so, we eventually suggested a single-page landing page that brings together key aspects of his visual-storytelling-specialties, while still building in subtle links within the landing page to divert or redirect potential clients to privatized-access of previously-captured MatchMadeStories.

Design Concept

Client & Medium


Website. Customised CMS WordPress Setup with Curated Plugins. Management of Domain Name, Nameservers & Web Hosting Settings. Curated Content Selection.


  • Concept Design
  • Presentation Animation Flow
  • Interactive Storytelling


  • Professional
  • Simple
  • Subtly-Romantic
  • Versatile
  • Unique
  • Personal
  • Flexible
Design Preview
Design Concept
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Website Has Discontinued & Merged Under ROBERRYARTS WEDDINGS in Nov 2020
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