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Design Brief

Engaged for the second year running, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students鈥 Union specially reached out to us once again to help design their annually-issued Convention Shirt.

This attire is typically issued out to all incoming Freshmen of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic institution, which usually amounts to a rough 5,000 individuals per annual batch.

Though the design brief was somewhat similar, we wanted to shake things up a little.

鈥淣ow how to make a design stand out better than the previous well-received job鈥 That was literally designed by us as well?鈥 鈥 A tough one that is!

After some consideration on how to go about doing this, we eventually sought to change the typical-standardised-shirt-colours, to a dark-bold purple color, as well as to adhere the design theme with a more 鈥hip-hop鈥 style, which had been a more trendy style at that point in 2006.

Thankfully, the design that came out, was also well received by the institutional body that it got an additional 3,000 prints, on top of the initial 6,000 run, to settle for additional, unexpected strong demands for the re-vamped Convention Shirt 0607.

Design Concept

Client & Medium

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students鈥 Union

Shirt Prints. Dry-Fit. Round-Neck. Purple. 1C Front. 2C Back. Total 9,000 prints.


  • Concept Design
  • Branding & Storyline
  • Color Scheme & Print Layout


  • Youthful
  • Refreshing
  • Simple
  • Hip
  • New Age
Design Preview
If you do it right, it will last forever.Massimo Vignelli, Tess Herrmann, Creative Director at DocuSign
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