Print // Booklets // StarringSMU’10 // Freshmen Guidebook 2010

Design Brief

This guidebook was one of the subtle, yet essential pieces of collaterial that is required by the StarringSMU鈥10 team, to quintessentially spread bits and bytes of information that are crucial to the flow of the 10-day marathon event that they were hosting.

Other requests include the need for the booklet to be visually attractive, yet being able to contain substantial stacks of information that would be subsequently fed by the public relations team, to help depict the respective event鈥檚 story and event breakdown.

We eventually decided to sub-divide the booklet into multiple sections, that may eventually be easy for readers to 鈥tear-apart鈥 to consume or use for their respective purposes, which may either include event attendance, reporting information or even a guide to register for their community service points attained.

This seemingly small yet sizeable project eventually took up a substantial amount of time to put together, as consistently, new information were given to us through the span of the project and new design sub-segments were constantly churned out in efforts to realign with the right 鈥vibe鈥 of the entire booklet鈥檚 design character.

Eventually, we managed to rush out the project in the nick of time prior to the deadline, so that it can be prepared for both print and digital distribution channels, as a teaser for the incoming participants for the event.

Design Concept

Client & Medium

SMU starringSMU 2010 EXCO

Full-Colour Double-Sided Guidebooks. A5-Sized mini booklet with double stapled binding. Total 32 pages.


  • Concept Design
  • Digitization of Brand Idea
  • Layout Formatting
  • Copywriting


  • Vibrant
  • Simple
  • Youthful
  • Energetic
  • Informative
  • Attractive
Design Preview
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